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This is a somewhat older model I've had on my hardrive, but since I needed it this week I decided to clean up the base model and release it

For my small electronics dabbeling (I'm a noob on this) I created a prototype case for the Arduino uno R3 to keep it secure.
Several main "objectives" I wanted to be archived when designing the case

- Fast, easy and cheap to print
- Easy to assemble / disassemble
- Keeps the electronics save
- Easy and fast to modify.

So I came up with this simple design, wich uses the minimum of filament possible, and gives you a, although less sturdy, case to secure your Arduino for experiments. It uses the minimal wall width I could tolerate for printing and structural strength.

One of the main objectives was that the model can be quickly adjusted  to fit the needed configurations.
(in this case the cnc shield with additional holes, and a sepearate mid section.)

The holes for the usb and power plugs in the Arduino I use, differs slightly from the cad model I used for reference at the beginning. So you might need to re adjusted to your needs. But the usual cheap rev3 I ordered all fit.

The individual sections are screwed together with M4 screws, wich can be either inserted from top or bottom depending on your needs (screw it in the bottom if you need quick removal of the top lid.)

The Arduino itself is attached with some M3X6 screws, you need to put a good amount of pressure to the screws to cut the threads
into the holes the first time. (It is recommended to do this without the Arduino in place)

The case was also designed to allow you to have multiple section wich might be easier to print / reprint if something goes wrong. (Like the big holes in the dmx shield wich needed 2 tries to print.

So yeah, this defintive will not win a beauty contest, and if you need a case wich is rock solid you might have to look somewhere else, but for me this case is about getting something out of the printer fast.

I'm releasing it as a blend file, so you can easily export and import it in your applicaton of choice. OBJ would not keep the ngons wich I prefer for editing the model so please triangulate it before you import it into the slicer.

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