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This one day (actually 2 half days) project from scan to a finished model. The purpose of the project was three fold:

First I want to have a lightsmith file wich contains an as detailed model as possible of the light.
I know, this goes beyond the purpose of the original idea, where the different angles of the hdri mapped on the object is important. But maybe some time in future, having a database of common lights might actually give it some for some purpose for light position planing etc. Just thinking out loud here, and opening up the possebillities of the new lightsmith format for different purposes.

Second it is a good modeling / scanning training. Small enough to be done on weekend, and again a new scan is always a new learning experience how to approach things....and third, I didn't model since a long time, and my product viz portfolio needs fresh content. And I allways found modeling as a very relaxing endeveour, especially smaller ones.

So this is the scan I've started this project

As you can see, the diffusor and reflective properties kills the front part completely, (and the handles on the backside)
what you see here as a blank face is the fill hole option of the scan software.

BTW for this I use the creality scan CR1, wich is ideal for bigger scans. If you want to invest into one, I highly recommend to take your time and search for limited offers on other shop sites, since they are sometimes beeing sold for almost half the price.
Edit from future: CR1 seems not to be supported / sold by creality anymore.

I decided to rebuild the model from scratch with the scan as an underllaying reference (Still amazed how well calibrated those scans are, size wise: Besides the usual meter to millimeter conversion the object came in pretty accurate- I didn't wanted to go the retopo way, since the nature of the object would make the process more time consuming. So the fencing structure at the side of the panel differs slightly from the scan.
The front panel illumination is a hdri texture I shot for the lightsmith file, and was also used for lighting the scene. Again nice little stress-less project in my free time. I will release a slightly modified version /without ngons) of the file inside the lightsmith file, once THAT project nears release