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This is an old one, but I never shown any picture of it. And since I'm a bit on the hardware side in
the last few articles, it might be also a good idea to post a picture of it.

This is my 50cm reference cube.
The bars are sold in 1m length, but the plastic isn't riggid enough at that size to be consistent: but at half the size its pretty sturdy.

The big advantage is, that it can be disassembled and fixiated with two rubber bands, and put additionally into my tripod bag. I have it in it for more than 15 years. Even when I did my regular panormas / photos:
It never was a gear to wear problem. It just sit in there besides the tripod, ready to be used when needed. But i treat my tripods well, so a less carefull user might break the connectors on normal operation

The big disadvantage is the stability of the connectors. They are made of plastic, so they might break or get lost.
I recommend to have some spare ones, and glue one to each bar with a light glue (like hotglue), so they don't get lost but still can be replaced if one breaks. I don't recommend to use the alumnium bars aviable at alfer, since they might break the connectors more easily due to the more riggid property and weight, and I find them harder to assemble / disassemble.

The other disadvantage might be the bar size for 3d scanning aquisition,wich might not be recognized correctly, but I have no experience in this.

The only thing I wholeheartedly recommend is to paint them with black and white stripes with a known length so you can allign your perspective more easily to the cube, even if parts are obstructed. (Grass for example)
Also this gives you a better contrast if the bars are further away from your camera.

The connectors are aviable here, and the plastic bars there. (I used the 7.5mm option), and no, I'm not affiliated to them in any way,