Ok, long time since I started the site update but heres a quick rundown on the things wich has been changed since version 3.0 of the site, and whats planed in future. Currently the main task was to bring up the old content into new format


The server movement forced me to restablish everything from scratch, since there was a problem moving the database. (Thanks archive.org).
I took this oppertunety to actually upgrade the underlying cms system, and while doing it restructured the design, and made some fundamental changes. (Thighten the appereance, reworked some logos for higher display levels, and brought up a more structured psd layout wich works here in the background. Shifting from avenir to ubuntu font: Kerning on low resolutions is much better)

New Content

A lot of new content wil be published here. Here is a quick overview on the planed focus:





Some of the plugins haven't been updated since years. This is a ongoing process, and I still have some stuff I want to publish wich was extremly helpfull in the previous years.
I also plan to showcase some of the stuff wich I don't publish for free




HDR Panos

I plan to publish some of the lesser good panoramas I did for your own rendering purposes.





Although I still think hosting sIBLedit on the www.hdrlabs.com sites is a good idea, I will open a special section to if, and might even release some experimental versions of it.




Other stuff

There is a lot of new endeavours I want to proceed. Stay tuned for more and regular updates



More Blog like Articles

Still have my reserved feelings on this, but I'll plan to publish some sort of tutorials / workflows descriptions here. Don't get me wrong I'm usually not the blogger / tutorial guy, but one thing I've learned in the past was, that proper documentation does help getting a better resonance on the plugins...I think
Well lets see on this one, its planed, but not promised.