This is an old plugin wich I revived due to some forum post.

UV project is a layout plugin wich takes the points position of an object in the current 3d viewport,  and transfers it to a new uvmap. (Basically a front projection on uv basis).
Unlike the traditional front projection you can use your standard 3d view / light view and use the produced data to export these to your other 3d program of choice. Please keep in mind that this technique does need a accepteable amount of points / interpolation distortion migh occur.

Currently only aviable in 64 bit

 Installation & Usage
Since its a modeler plugin, the plugin will not install in the additional tab. You have to add it manually. After adding the plugin the usual way, (Add Plugin) got to Edit -> Edit Menu Layout. In the search field enter "uv". The plugin name is tibe3_MakeUVFromView click and drag it to the modeler tab
(or where you actually want the plugin to reside


Now select and position the 3d view to your own preference. If you got mutible viewports open, the plugin will chose the first one aviable.
Select the object wich you want to assign the uv to. And launch the plugin. It will now assign a new uv map called "viewport" to the object.
Don't forget to save your object, otherwise the settings will be lost.

plugs download uvp 15