Word of warning:

1. Its my first AE plugin, and like a lot of the Adobe sdk stuff I find it hard to get into it. Also its hacked together in a day, I didn't made it foolproof.
2. Its only tested with simple shapes..I don't have a full fledged roto project to test it. And the way the clipboard is currently filled, could be
problematic for bigger projects...be aware of it.
3. The Mask shape is only evaluated at times were a keyframe is present in it. Transform/Rotation/scale keys of the layer are not evaluated, although those values are getting into account when exporting. If you want to export them simply at another shape key at that time
4. Transforms are baked into the shape, so you get some shape shifitng if you use the transformation of the object. I might revisit this in the comming month
5. Minimal exporting functionality. No feathering.
6. Its developed under AfterEffects CS 5.5, it might work with never versions, but I have no way to check it or develop for newer versions
7. You need to follow the steps. Especially you need to select the masks, otherwise nothing is exported

- Select the masks you want to export in the timeline.
- Go to File>Export>ToFusionSplines.
- Switch to Fusion and paste the splines



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